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Art consulting

We can work with you to build your collection of art.  We can provide guidance on purchasing new art as well as introducing you to artists for commission work.  We work with many leading and independent galleries to source either individual works or collections for clients. 

Curating art collections 

We pride ourselves on our ability to reframe and rehang your existing favourite works so you see them through fresh eyes. We can help you hone and edit your existing collection and also advise on additions that will complement it.

Commissioning bespoke pieces

We have nurtured excellent relationships with a selection of contemporary artists working today (predominantly throughout the UK albeit some are further afield). We commission them each individually to create unique works. We work closely with them, either sharing the design schemes we have created, or bringing them to your home so they understand what environment they are creating for.  This intimate process produces beautiful work that sits in harmony with its environment and interior surroundings.

Sourcing prints + drawings

Our Creative Director, Davina Stanley, started her working career in London’s Dover Street after studying Fine Art and History of Art at university. It was here that her passion for fine art prints and drawings was born. Davina has a particular love for drawings and prints by 20th century artists - Henry Moore, LS Lowry and Dame Elisabeth Frink are of special interest. We are always happy to help source and curate collections of prints and drawings by specific artists or groups of artists.

Please click through to our Studio for some examples of the types of art we have previously sourced for clients